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    Drop Catching Services (Domain Snipers)

    If you are looking to snipe an expired domain name, it's in your best interest to backorder at one of the big 3 drop catching services. Namejet SnapNames
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    Domain Re-seller Platforms and Parking Services

    When it comes time to part with a domain name, look to these recommended domain selling platforms. Most of these have optional escrow services included for safe and secure transactions for both parties involved. Sedo GoDaddy Auctions Flippa / Undeveloped Namecheap...
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    Recommended domain name registrars

    Need a new domain? A domain registrar is a service that sells domains and the ones listed here are some of the best in the business. This is by no means a complete list, but these are some of the more popular, recommended registrars that our members use. Namecheap Google Domains...
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    Handy resources for SEO

    Search engine optimization, commonly referred to as SEO, plays a huge part in the success of a website and domain name. These are some of the best SEO tools in the industry. Some of them are completely free, but most at least have paid tiers. Google Analytics and Google Search Console (FREE)...
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    Selling HQ Duel Domains, perfect for a gaming/esports/betting site! Both listed for sale on Undeveloped/Dan for $50k each, but I'm open to offers.
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    Selling Stat Insta @minecraft.rebel

    Haven't used it in ages, so I'm down to just sell it. Looking for $50 BTC Niche: Minecraft obviously Follower Count: 970 (used to have 1400 but dropped due to inactivity)
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    Modern, all-digital business cards

    Imagine an app and website where you could link all your social media profiles in one place and share a single URL with your friends and people you meet. It could even include a mini-bio and a photo of you. This could be the business card of the future! iMessage App The general idea is to be...
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    Is teaching kids to code without them realizing they are learning even possible in 2020?

    I think yes! Difficult, of course, but still possible. An online, hackable virtual world designed to teach and engage young people about STEM subjects through various simulated activities and social events. For 20 years, Neopets has captivated kids and adults worldwide with its unique cast of...
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    GPS-based ETA Tracker API

    The vision is to provide a platform that provides hooks for doctor offices to track exactly when the patients will arrive for their appointment. It will let them know if the patient will be late.
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    A New Kind of Social Network

    Today in social media, young people “like” posts for all the wrong reasons. They pass around “likes” to everyone and everything, making these “likes” essentially an acknowledgement that they saw the post. I’m proposing a social network that adds value back to the the traditional “like”. This...